Fish Bone Stuck In Throat?

While eating fish, it is possible to get a fishbone stuck in his throat. However, there is no medical treatment for a fish bone ingestion. At best, a doctor may use certain medical equipment to remove fish bone stuck in his throat.

The best way to remove such a fishbone is to open your mouth and throat look in a mirror. You may have to press your tongue and then look in the mirror so you can see if you fishbone stuck in his throat. If you can see the bone, it is best not to try to swallow. If it is still high on the throat, it is more likely that the doctor will be able to delete it. If you do not swallow the fish bone, it can cause tears along the esophagus on its way down.

If you have a fish bone stuck in your throat and you swallow it, it is better to eat many things that the passage of fish bones in your body can become easier. You can eat lots of bread, oats, and other foods that contain high amounts of fiber. These make the transition from fish bones in your digestive tract easier. You can also consume plenty of water to ease the transition.

If at all, bone scrapes the esophagus while moving down and injured, the doctor may prescribe a treatment for bone fish ingestion. To heal the wounds, the doctor can give an anti-inflammatory or anti-ulcer. Sometimes the fish bone stuck in the throat can be very thin and therefore can not be seen by doctors. In such cases, doctors may perform a test fiberscope. This is a test in which an endoscope is inserted through the nose and went halfway to the throat to see the scar tissue or lesions.

If you feel pain in the abdomen, it is possible that the bones of fish may have traveled further into the intestines. You should see a gastroenterologist to treat the symptoms of this pain. There are some remedies swallowed fish bone of origin which may be used. You can eat a banana with the movement of the fish bone down in your gut so that it can be expelled through the feces.


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